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Bioethically Responsible Corporations Counsel






It is awarded to corporations and institutions that fulfill three of the courses by a significant number of members of the personnel, according to COEBIO’s standards of evaluation and corporation’s evidences.


The distinction is awarded for two years and is renewable











Members of the Directing and Consultative Council




  • Lorena Malpica Hernández
  • General Director and Founding Partner

    - Licensed in Law, with mastery and doctorate in Bioethics for the UAMN *. Founding President of Colegio de Profesionistas Posgraduados en Bioética, A.C. (COMEXBIO)

  • Dora García Fernández
  • Executive Director and Founding Partner

    - Licensed in Law, with mastery and doctorate in Bioethics for the UAMN.  Member of Sistema Nacional de Investigadores (SNI)


  • Monir Mourad Georgi.
  • Media and Marketing Coordinator

    - PhD in Education Administration, Cappella University, Minnesota.

  • Luis Ortiz de la Concha
  • Legal Affairs Coordinator

    - Licensed in Law for the UAMN.
    * Universidad Anáhuac México Norte.



  • Dr. Éctor Jaime Ramírez Barba
  • Former Secretary of Social and Human Development of the State of Guanajuato, Mexico.

    President of the Commission of Health of Deputies' XV Legislatura Chamber (2006-2009)

  • Dr. Francisco Javier Ochoa Carrillo
  • President of the AMC (Academia Mexicana de Cirugía)

  • Dr. Alberto García Gómez
  • Director of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights

  • Ing. Álvaro Ojeda Santana
  • President of the Mexican Association of Cystic Fibrosis.

  • Mtra. Lucía Legorreta de Cervantes
  • Chairwoman of CEFIM's National Advice (Centro de Estudios para la Formación Integral de la Mujer, A.C.)

  • Dr. José Antonio Núñez Ochoa
  • Vice-president of the Mexican Commission of Human Rights

  • Lic. Gerardo Martínez Cristerna
  • President of the Global Ethic Foundation of Mexico and host of the radio show “Ética Ahora” of MVS

  • Dra. María Elizabeth de los Ríos Uriarte
  • Vice-president of Colegio de Profesionistas Posgraduados en Bioética de México A.C.

  • Lic. Irazema Zapata Navarro
  • Member of the Council of Grupo Zapata


  • Lic. Federico Patiño Marquez
  • Specialist in Financial Projects and The Ex-director of FONADIN's Banking investment (BANOBRAS)


  • Dra. Maricela Moreno Cruz
  • President of the Mexican College of Attorneys and Adviser of the European Parliament 


  • Dr. Juan Francisco Rivera Ramos
  • Secretary of the Mexican Council of Gastroenterology.

  • Dra. María de la Luz Casas Martínez
  • Founding member of the Research Department of Bioethics and former Minister of the National Bioethics Commission, Mexico.

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