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Bioethically Responsible Corporations Counsel



About us



Bioethically Responsible Corporations Counsel, is a Civil Association, integrated by  a Board of Directors specialized in Bioethics, supported by a Consultive Counsel formed by diverse personalities from academic, health, social and managerial sectors and UNESCO Bioethics and Human Rights Chair based in Rome.





Capacitate and distinguish corporations and institutions, lecturing courses that provide them with the necessary knowledge to improve and transform them towards a bioethical, ethical and value perspective, on a daily basis.




To be an Avant-guard organization that incorporates bioethics and ethics as knowledge to the operation of corporations,  contributing in their transformation while increasing credibility and  trust in their customers.




Diffusion and promotion of a bioethical and ethical culture in corporations, printing a differential in their daily activities that contributes to the promotion of human values, certifying a responsible behavior towards life, health and environment.

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